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Free From Smoking - Hypnosis Session Audio CD

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Free From Smoking - Hypnosis Session Audio CD

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By Calvin D. Banyan

Smoking Cessation the healthy, relaxing, feel-good way!

If you want to become free from smoking but cannot get to a professional hypnotherapist, use smoking cessation hypnosis by CD. The first part, entitled "The Truth About Hypnosis," is packed full of information about how hypnosis works, why it is absolutely safe, and why it is absolutely effective.

Whether this is your first attempt at achieving freedom from smoking, or if you have already tried countless times before, if you are really ready to abandon the habit, hypnosis works.

The Free From Smoking hypnosis session on CD is full of effective hypnotic suggestions that will help you to free yourself permanently from smoking and feel relaxed about it at the same time. You can become a non-smoker. After using this cassette CD, you will never look at cigarettes the same way again.

  •     Smoking cessation through hypnosis instills a sense of well-being.


  •     Hypnosis powerfully reduces the impact of chemical withdrawals


  •     Hypnosis is a drug-free avenue to quit smoking


  •     So pleasant, you'll probably want to keep using it to sustain that sense of well-being!


  •     Healthy weight maintenance hypnotic suggestions are included in the session

The first CD will overview "The Truth About Hypnosis." It answers most questions about hypnosis. It also prepares you for your hypnosis session.

The second part of the CD is the hypnosis session. The result of the hypnosis session will be a fantastic sense of well-being and optimism about being a non-smoker. Because so many people are concerned about gaining weight when they quit smoking, hypnotic suggestions are included in the session to encourage healthy weight maintenance.

The suggestions incorporated in this smoking cessation session can actually assist you in either losing or gaining weight if needed. The hypnotic suggestions are holistic for a fully healthy lifestyle.

If life ever throws you some curve balls and if you ever think you might need a reinforcement, the CD is always there for you. Some people use the CD over and over after they quit smoking just because the enjoy the deep relaxation and feelings of rejuvenation that hypnosis brings.

Note that Free From Smoking - Hypnosis Session Audio CD qualifies for the 60 day money back guarantee. This program is guaranteed to work against defect. If a CD does not work because it is defective it will immediately be replaced. Or if you find that this product was not right for you return it and we will refund the purchase price.

2 CDs - Approx. 81 minutes


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