January 7, 2013 @ 9:02 PM

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH


Life is Meant to Be Enjoyed

When I was young Officer in the U. S. Army at Ft. Bragg, NC, my friends introduced me to golf.  At first it was easy; I simply enjoyed the game and didn’t place any expectations upon myself because I had never golfed before.  I was “a natural” it seemed, and I did pretty well; up to a point.Challenge is fun!

As time went on though, I began to study golf, try different methods of controlling my swing, and developed memories and attitudes related to difficulties on the course.  My enjoyment of the game began to be influenced those attitudes, and I eventually began to limit any further attempts to improve my Golf game because I assumed it would not change from greater effort.  From what I know now as a hypnotist, I was partly right.  But it was my expectations which affected my game the most.

Expectations Influence Results

A study was done at a University where groups of people were instructed to either think about practicing throwing a basketball through a hoop, actually practicing shooting baskets with a basketball, or to do nothing at all.  This article chronicles the study in more detail: (http://www.insurancejournal.com/magazines/mindyourbiz/2007/07/02/81875.htm

The result was that the people who only thought about shooting baskets did almost as well as though who physically practiced.  The meditation group had been given specific instructions to only think about succeeding at the task, and not consider the possibility of failure. The group that actually practiced shooting baskets, experienced missed shots in real-time, and reinforced the idea that failure is inevitable and expected.  This idea was then carried forward into subsequent attempts.

Regain Control of Your Weight Without Diets or Pills

Managing weight, or modifying habits which don’t benefit us, often carries the same baggage of past attempts to control or quit, influencing our expectations about future results.  This backward focus creates a negative expectation that is hard to over-come.  Is it possible that by simply changing to positive future expectations that we might actually have a chance at realizing that future?  At Hypnosis Group, we understand how to make this process fun and enjoyable!

At Hypnosis Group we help you learn to relax and enjoy life in accordance with your original design.  Just like Golf was not designed to bring frustration to those that pursue it recreationally; you were also designed with a perfect appetite to allow you to eat what you want, when you want, while maintaining a perfect weight.  No one had to be taught to breathe, or to control your heart beat, or to sleep.  

We did not have to be taught to how to eat either.  We all knew from birth exactly when we were hungry and when we were full.  Food and eating were simply meant to be enjoyed without the frustration of dieting plans, etc.

Trouble begins when we are taught to eat outside of our "hungry" and "full" signals.  As a result some people experience the frustration of having extra weight as a child.  Those same people and others may experience the frustration of carrying extra weight as an adult.  Then, it seems the more we try to control eating and become desperate to lose weight,  the more complicated controlling our weight and the appetite becomes.

Your Mind Was Designed Help You To Perfectly Control Your Body

The solution for me in my Golf game was to simply relax and let my mind and body work together without conscious trying.  Learning new ways to look at your future relationship with food, by changing old ideas using hypnosis, may be the edge you have been seeking in the game of life!

Give us a call today at (281) 755-8081 and let us help you return to the simple ideas about eating you were born with.

and as we say at Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands

...Everyday in every way, you are getting better and better!