February 9, 2013 @ 11:17 AM

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH

This article is addressed to all of my clients past, present and future.  I wish everyone well and applaud your efforts, and sometimes, just simple desire, to be a better version of who you are today.  Your simple desire to change is a good start and sets you apart from many people of the world who are "stuck" in their problems.  You are to be commended!

From the calls I receive everyday, I realize that many of you are very careful to research ways to overcome your various everyday problems before you decide which method to chose.  I also realize that many of you are also doing research to find "who" you will allow to help you with your issue.  It is with this in mind that I write you today.  As I have said in previous articles, I wish to become your Consulting Hypnotist in all matters that you desire to become a "better version of you."

I always ask my new clients why they have decided to let go of a habit or behavior which sometimes has been with them for years or decades.  They sometimes remark that they aren't sure.  "It's just a feeling..."  Often the reasons involve others that they are in relationship with.  For some smokers, they realize to continue smoking is making a conscious choice of cigarettes over people they are involved with.  It is so hurtful for them to think of this idea that many become emotional as they say it.

Move closer to the "ideal from the real"

For those struggling with weight issues or positive self image, many have missed out on much of life.  They are just "sick and tired of being sick and tired."

The common thread for all my clients, maybe even some of you who are reading this article, is that they are beginning to be aware of a wiser part of themselves which is saying; "Life is short and I know I can be better than this hurt, habit or hang-up."

Another common experience for many is that they have exhausted themselves attempting to force change using other methods or their "will power."   Even though it's easy to admit a "loss-of-control" over the situation, many people consider using Hypnosis to help with "everyday problems" as a last resort.  I am working daily to change that perception.

Take control by picking up the phone

If you were to call me at my office in The Woodlands, (281) 755-8081, I would show you, in a very simple way over the phone, how fighting a habit with your conscious "will" is a losing battle.  Maybe from that phone call you will receive a form of relief just by learning it's not completely "your fault" and that you can't easily change as others have often prompted you.  During our sessions, self-acceptance and letting go of condemnation will become normal and natural for you.


Another truth I would like you to be aware of is that by just making that call, you begin the process of taking control of your life back.

From that call you will easily know that everything we do during your sessions, remains under your control.  I only guide you in the pursuit of what you want.  You set the goals, (of course with my help, as many have difficulty verbalizing exactly what they want), and you decide what happens always during the session.  You will find I say "with your permission" a lot.  

From your first session onward, you will easily experience how the the part of your mind which contains your beliefs, identity and habits responds better to positive change when it is deeply relaxed.  Hypnosis is purposeful form of relaxation with the intent of creating new positive beliefs, identities and habits that benefit you.   You always know what suggestions will be delivered during your session because you help to write them.  Your sessions in essence become a purposeful conversation you have with yourself.

If you were to select me as your Hypnotist, I will stand with you against the problem, and together I will do my part, to get you the results you desire.  Before we begin, we will have an interview where you will learn how we will work together to get you what you want out of life.  Using your magnificent mind and the specialized techniques I know as a Hypnotist, you will change for the better.  Some change can take place dramatically and quickly.  Other changes, such as the management of weight, take longer to see the results, but it is the natural, long lasting change we are seeking.  

The methods and ideas presented to you during your free phone consultation, and during your first session come from everyday knowledge that you will be able to understand and agree with.  Did you know that Hypnosis is considered to be a "conventional therapy" and not alternative by major medical associations?  Nothing about hypnosis is mysterious or esoteric.  We will use terms you can understand about how the mind works, and how we use hypnosis to get them working together in achieving your new goals.

The goal of your sessions will always be to return you to an identity that you were before. For example, every smoker was a non-smoker before they made the simple mistake of picking up the first tobacco product.  No one was born to be a smoker.  

During the actual Hypnosis part of your session, you will find your part is easy.  By allowing yourself to settle into our comfortable recliner and follow simple instructions such as "Take a deep breath" and " Now exhale and let your eyes close down," you remain in control and begin the process of your change.  Indeed, all that is required for any Hypnosis session to be successful is for the person being Hypnotized to be of average intelligence and to have the desire and ability to follow instructions which benefit them.  

You will find are not asleep, just deeply relaxed.  You could open your eyes anytime you wish, but don't.   It's simply more enjoyable to allow that relaxation to continue and deepen.  Over time you learn that the more relaxation you allow, the more you benefit from faster change.  You realize the faster you allow relaxation to progress, the quicker you receive your beneficial suggestions.

Once relaxed, the good news is that you are not required to pay attention to words spoken except when you might be asked to follow an instruction which helps you achieve the change you desire.  It may surprise you to learn that you may sometimes be asked to speak to the Hypnotist, even while deeply relaxed, and find this will not disturb you at all.

After the session you may remember some words that are said, or none at all.  The best response is to decide to just relax and let me do the "heavy lifting".  From our consultation I will know exactly how you wish to change for the better.   You will not be required to listen to tapes afterward.   The changes we make for you are permanent and do not require "effort" on your part.  You will simply go about your life "knowing" your desired change will manifest.

Now is the time to do something positive for yourself.  No one ends up on my website by accident.  I understand you have already tried many other ways to help yourself.

Please call today, (281) 755-8081 so we can work out a plan together and help you get what you want out of life.  Even if you don't pick me, call someone.  Your life is precious, and it could be so much more enjoyable, happy and free! 

Best wishes on your journey.  

Sincerely yours,