December 6, 2012 @ 2:00 PM

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CHAll that glitters is not gold

Recently, I have been receiving a number of coupon offers for Half Price Hypnosis Sessions from various large marketing agencies, (one starts with an A, ends with N and has a Z in the middle).  Now I want a bargain like the next person but lets take a moment, and reason this out together.  I am always working to be your Consultant on all matters relating to Hypnotism, maybe we can begin that relationship now.

Is There Really a Free Lunch in This World?

I recently had the brakes replaced on one of my vehicles.  I did not go for the lowest bidder, I went to a place where I had an existing relationship with the owner.  This is the vehicle my wife drives to work on the Hardy Toll Rd, I'm not going to trust it's care to just anybody!  I wanted to know in advance that the mechanics were qualified, also that the parts used were not sub-standard to save cost.  This is not a small vehicle so I want to know when my wife hits the brakes they are going to do what she expects.  

I also wanted to be certain that the mechanic had plenty of time to do the work as it was supposed to have been done.  To me it was not just a brake job, my precious wife's and other peoples lives are at stake.  The shop owner was very aware of this also, and remarked that they do not cut corners for just that reason.  He knows that our success and futures are tied together by that brake job.  Of course, in return for his dedication he gets my highest recommendation to everyone I know.

Some things You Want to Pay Full Price For

Would you send your child to a Pediatrician advertising Introductory Child Care for Half-Price?   I wouldn't even take my little dogs to a Veterinarian, who's only claim to fame is The Lowest Price in Town!   Nope, like you, I understand serious personal matters, such as those a Hypnotist deals with, should be left to the best qualified.   When I choose professionals, the best person for the job is one who focuses on doing the job of helping me completely.  Not one who is mostly concerned with making up for the low price he offered me.  

Discount coupon marketing has brought that false lure to small businesses which are struggling with cash-flow. (Google it...)   But the truth is that by offering discounts below the cost of providing the service, the company goes into a downward spiral of forced discounts, cost-cutting, and eventual demise as customers depart due to poor service.  I want Hypnosis Group to be around a long time to help you with whatever needs that might arise in the future.

If You Truly Need a Discount For Hypnosis Services, Just Ask Us... 

In 2011 I formed Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands, LLC to offer Premier Hypnosis services by World-Class Hypnotists.  The comfort my group has created for you in our offices I believe is unchallenged in the Houston Area.  The training our Hypnotists receive and the way we operate our practice has passed the scrutiny of other professionals in our field with admiration.  Of course there is a cost to the operation of every business but our service remains competitively priced.  We are not the lowest or the highest, but somewhere in between if you were to check. 

I understand there are circumstances in which you might need hypnotic conditioning for you or your family and not be able to afford the full cost as advertised.  In that case I would ask that you please inform the hypnotist of your situation during the Free Telephone Consultation and a decision will be made regarding what discount might be offered.  We have a heart for people, and you will find in those cases of true need, we can be quite compassionate.

We Give You The Time You Need To Get Your Benefits!

Our sessions are not time limited in advance, your first session is generally 2 hrs (sometimes longer) to give us time to get to know you, learn about your individual issue and then conduct your hypnosis conditioning session.  We generally plan 1.5 hrs for follow-up sessions but take the time necessary for you to receive your benefits.

Before Deciding on Discount Hypnosis, Give Us a Call (281) 755-8081

Take advantage of our Free Phone Consultation before deciding to accept offers of Discount Hypnosis for yourself or your family.  In the end, you might be glad you did.