May 29, 2012 @ 9:16 AM

Hi friends!  My name is D. Mitchell Lovette, I am the Founder of Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands, and I have great news!  I recently became certified in the use of the 5-PATH® Hypnosis technique which has already revolutionized my practice and produced positive results for my clients!  The techniques and methods compiled for more than 30 years by Mr. Cal Banyan were used to create this system as a way of bringing a more standardized method of hypnosis to the world.

Over time I think the success this technique provides for clients and hypnotists, over others will bring greater legitimacy to the use of hypnosis in general.  I also think disillusionment by the world with conventional talk, and psychiatric drug therapy will bring hypnosis into awareness as people look for other ways to enhance human performance. Using this technique, often in a relatively few number of sessions, hypnotists all over the world are bringing freedom to those suffering from a variety of fears, negative behaviors and bad habits.

Mr. Banyan came to the world of hypnosis from a background as a highly educated practicing psychologist.   Since then he has become a world renowned hypnotist, researcher and instructor of hypnotic technique, honored and awarded for his achievements throughout the world.  The greatest development offered by the 5-PATH® Hypnosis program is that his method introduces standardization and testing into the hypnotic process.  This creates greater efficiency and effectiveness when used to plan and administer a program of hypnosis to a person desiring a specific change.

In the past, the effectiveness of hypnotic outcome with a person was often based on the knowledge and skill of the hypnotist, to create a program from his own methods or experience.  This often meant that hypnotism was more of an art than a science, with the hypnotist having success but not being able to quantify in a scientific way how the method worked.  Often the techniques hypnotists used in the past were sometimes closely guarded and not freely shared but that has begun to change. The hypnosis certification agencies as a whole are more supportive of advancing the science of hypnotism rather than promoting personalities.  Resultantly an atmosphere of information sharing has become the norm.

Mr. Banyan graciously acknowledges that many of the ideas promoted by past and present hypnotists were used in creating his system. 5-PATH® Hypnosis elegantly achieves what the world of hypnotism has needed.  By recognizing the need to establish standard practices and testing, he has done much to elevate the use of hypnotism into the realm of an accepted science. This is what attracted me, and I suppose many other of the other hypnotists who have taken the course.

As an Airline Transport rated helicopter pilot and ex-military instructor pilot with over 32 years of accident free aviation experience, I have extensive expertise and knowledge in the use of standardized systems to produce measurable, predictable results.  From that experience I know firsthand, the components necessary to create predictability in any activity have long been accepted as; Knowledge, Prediction, Planning, coupled with Verification or Testing to measure results.

Mr. Banyan’s program includes all of these necessary components, and insures the hypnotist meets a high standard of knowledge necessary to administer the 5-PATH® Hypnosis program correctly.  I should note that the 5-PATH® Hypnosis program is only available to hypnotists already nationally or internationally certified, and builds on the extensive knowledge of hypnotism that the hypnotist already possesses.

Once that advanced knowledge and the 5-PATH® Hypnosis techniques are combined, it becomes easy for the hypnotist to predict and plan and effective program to help the client with the change they desire.  Interestingly enough the same general 4 phase (sometimes 5) plan is used for just about all situations that clients present with.  A very specific method of pre-talk interview is used prior to beginning the session to make sure any incorrect ideas about hypnosis are corrected and that the client is free from any apprehension about the process.

The hypnotist is taught to use more efficient methods of induction which give an ability to verify the depth of hypnosis as the induction progresses.  Verification and testing, (some covert) which is mandatory for the hypnotist, is used extensively throughout the session in order to know accurately that the methods, planned in advance, can achieve the desired results for the hypnotist and the person being hypnotized.  Use of these techniques for the hypnotist also leads to easier documentation as the hypnotist has greater knowledge about meeting the targets of his session plan. In the long-run, I believe these standardized methods and the testing, introduced to the world in the form of 5-Path® Hypnosis technique, will greatly increase the predictability of results for hypnotists and clients.

In the past, a weakness of hypnotic practice has sometimes been failure, or anecdotes of failure by a hypnotist, resulting from the use of poor technique or inadequate knowledge, which is then related by the client to others.  These negative reports create negative expectations which then influence the perception and use of hypnotism by others.  Because of the 5-PATH® technique, each day, client success is becoming a routine characteristic of 5-PATH® hypnosis practices found around the world.

I believe this effect will increase over time as more hypnotists receive this training to bring a greater measure of success to their clients, and efficiency to their practice.  I am excited to be one of the relative few hypnotists, out of tens of thousands around the world, who has become trained and have adopted the techniques early. I believe the 5-PATH® system will become the standard from which all hypnotic techniques used to help people, will eventually be compared.

In order to understand more about the The 5-PATH® method you may wish to read “The Secret Language of Feelings” (available through this website) which I use as part of my clients sessions.  It will expand on how you can learn to use the information your emotions are sending to you through your feelings in a positive way.  As we say at Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands, "all your feelings are good!"  I will teach you more about that idea in a future posts.