May 15, 2012 @ 8:52 PM

Hypnosis, especially in the US, has been misunderstood.

Have you ever had the occasion to be traveling somewhere alone and arriving at the destination the night of your journey? The unknown and the darkness cast an eerie spell on your mind of what may be around you. It’s all so unfamiliar, strange smells, weird sounds even a deafening quietness at times that makes you just not want to know what is beyond that black veil of nighttime. What lies out there in that darkness makes you a bit uneasy. Then off to sleep you go, perhaps drowning out the stillness with some familiar music, or just the sound and flicker of the TV to bring you back to a place that feels comfortable.

Then, in the morning you arise and step outside to discover a beautiful tropical view, a vast colorful mountain range, a valley of rich grasses and flowers and a flowing river. This is similar to the feelings one has when considering the use of hypnosis the first time. Let our highly experienced Find out how hypnosis can help you relaxstaff guide you on your discovery of the powerful benefits of hypnosis, and how they can positively change your life.

Reassuring Reasons why Hypnosis is your Friend

by Mark Tyrrell

Believe the hype or think for yourself

For too long hypnosis has had a bad or ‘difficult’ press. If a person doesn’t understand something they have 3 options open to them.

  1. They might be sceptical and therefore save the trouble of looking further and possibly benefiting.

  2. They may conclude it is dangerous and to be avoided at all costs.

  3. They may spend time discovering the truth behind the hype.

If you don’t know much about a topic it’s easy to be suspicious. Some people assume hypnosis is akin to a carnival side show, others consider it mystic mumbo jumbo or ‘mind control.’ For those who look beyond the hype the truth is far more illuminating.

The most powerful tool you possess

There are potentially huge benefits for those who use hypnosis as part of everyday life. When you understand hypnosis you start to see its potential to improve human performance in the physical, emotional and intellectual realms. For me, rumour, gossip and suspicion weren’t good enough.

I determined to learn all I could about hypnosis – I learned every fact and practised every technique under the sun. I took several training courses – some good, some terrible. I invested thousands of hours of devoted study to hypnosis and discovered just what is possible. I hypnotised friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Hypnosis greatly changed things for me on a personal level

How hypnosis helped me

I used to be shy. Thanks to hypnosis I can now talk to thousands at a time and can approach anybody calmly and confidently.

I used to have poor concentration and procrastinate; thanks to hypnosis I can instantly motivate myself.

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