January 15, 2013 @ 11:22 AM

By D. Mitchell Lovette

Who's in Control of Your Hypnosis Session?Everything is easier with a helping hand

Did you know that the use of hypnosis for the correction of any life issue, such as chronic pain, is generally considered self-hypnosis?   Even when the person is assisted by a skilled and certified Hypnotist?  It's true.  Even though the Hypnotist has advanced knowledge of how to facilitate the initiation and maintenance of hypnosis, it is the person who actually allows everything to happen. Without that cooperation and agreement no Hypnosis or change can take place.

Increase Success Using a Hypnotist

There are differences though, in using a skilled Hypnotist or listening to self-hypnosis recordings, etc.  The first and most important is that without a Hypnotist monitoring the level of hypnosis, it is easy for a person to become so relaxed listening to a recording, that they fall asleep.  Contrary to a popular myth, it is generally believed sleep-learning is not effective and no benefit is received from such an experience.

Specific Goals are More Easily AchievedI made it happen!

Probably the best benefit to using a Hypnotist over recordings is that he can help you quantify in advance what benefits you are looking for specifically, such as relieving previously diagnosed chronic pain.  The subconscious mind works best when it has a specific goal, and also the when benefits to the person in achieving that goal are clearly defined.  Hypnotists are trained to know how to "speak" to the different parts of the mind to have them work together to achieve your goals.  Hypnosis recordings can be effective, but lack the individual details that some people require to be addressed, for their goals to be achieved.  An example of such a goal might be to moderate already diagnosed pain, where the person is out of other treatment options.


We Work with Your Doctor and His Plan

Hypnotists are not generally Doctors nor do we diagnose or "treat" any medical condition such as pain.  Instead we work with your Doctor, to help you create your own relief for pain that is already diagnosed and understood.  

Please call for a free consultation how you might use a Hypnotist as part of your own pain relief plan.  


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