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By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH


According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;


"The phrase "God helps those who help themselves" is a popular motto that emphasizes the importance of self-initiative.

The phrase originated in ancient Greece, occurring in approximately equivalent form as the moral to one of Aesop's Fables, Hercules and the Waggoner, and later in the great tragedy authors of ancient Greek drama. Although it has been commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the modern English wording appears earlier in Algernon Sidney's work.

The phrase is often mistaken for a Bible quote, but it appears nowhere in the Bible. Some Christians have criticized the expression as being contrary to the Bible's message of God's grace."


In contrast Charles Spurgeon, a great Christian evangelist in the mid to late 1800's more correctly stated

Charles H. Spurgeon

“God helps those who cannot help themselves. ”

― Charles H. Spurgeon

The higher power in my world and my work

Now, as you may have become aware by reading other posts of mine, I am a believer  in Jesus Christ and His saving grace.  It is only through my faith, in what He can do in peoples lives that I operate as a Hypnotist.  I understand as a follower that he is working to set free every person I encounter, some of which are not believers.  This does not interrupt the work done,  as "The Most High God" that I serve, is "willing" and "able" to heal all that allow it.  It is in the healing process He initiates, that I am allowed to help using the special knowledge I have been given, about how the mind works.

I find I am much like many of the people I encounter in my practice.  If I were to tell you the story of my life, you would see my life has been an amazing series of adventures which as a child I never would have been able to imagine.  Along the way I made my share of mistakes just like everyone else.  I was not raised as a believer and up to a point in my life, did nothing to serve or acknowledge the help and protection I was provided by our Loving Creator in the background.  

How I developed faith in a power greater than myself

Many of my life experiences were filled with the prospect of real danger.  I started out my professional life at the age of 20, as a US Army Officer, flying dangerous support missions in the mountainous Sinai desert in Egypt.  I then spent almost 10 years as a Instructor Pilot as the US Army Flight School simulating emergency procedures with students as part of their flight school training.  Its good for my own comfort at the time, that I was young and believed myself to be invincible, and to some degree even "flame-proof".

After leaving the Army I enjoyed many challenges as a civilian pilot.  Imagine flying a medical helicopter at 3 am in a snow storm in Pennsylvania.  Landing a huge helicopter on highways and roof-top hospital helipads all over America with little room for error.  Flying over shark filled waters of the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico with passengers in all conditions.  Without a faith in "a power greater than myself"  I would never have been able to do it accident free for a total of 32 years.

Faith always has an "object" to place your faith in

Faith always has an "object" that is focused on.  If you are thinking my faith was in the machinery or the mechanics, or even my own skills as a airline transport rated helicopter pilot: you would be correct.  But I was in many situations where all that faith was challenged.  I experienced failure of machinery, mechanic and even errors of my own making, thankfully none of which resulted in accident or mishap.  During some of those times, I,even as an un-believer called out for help, to a "God", I did not know.

About the age of 28, I realized that, even though I had not been raised with any kind of spiritual beliefs; that I needed more help in life.  I like every other human lacked "power" in many situations.  I also somehow knew that I must have been "created".    My existence must be the result of purposeful action; just as I would easily understand a cell phone was not the result of the interaction of sand and waves, if I found one washed up on a beach.

You have help in solving your problem

Thankfully, just like the saying says, "when the student is ready the teacher appears",  I had a lot of help in life.  I realize that we are not here for a "comfortable" ride through life, solely meant to pursue pleasure.  I have learned it is to grow toward God and away from the lies of this world.  I have learned to place my faith in our loving Creator, not people, places, things or admiration of the world.   That requires courage and remembering to "fear not" when action is required.

The reason why you are reading this article is because you realize you need to grow in some area of your life.  Who will help?  Who cares about your problem?  Who cares about you?  Who created you?  Is the plan you are considering, meant to help you be more like you were created to be, or less?

I would like to help you

My posts lately have meant to unreservedly say, I care about your "big and little" problems.  I believe I have been put here on earth to help God, help those that are trying to help themselves with everyday problems.  I wish to enter into a purposeful relationship with you, where we get down to the root of what is wrong and fix it for good.  I believe it is God who helps you create the "want to", He lets me do the "how to".

Are you feeling like you "want to" change?  You are only phone call away from starting the process which may begin a whole new chapter of freedom and happiness in your life.

 Please call today, lets get started fixing that hurt, habit or hang-up for good, that's gone on for too long in your life.



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