March 20, 2013 @ 7:59 AM

D. Mitchell Lovette, CH

Hello friends, in response to requests by our customers, I am pleased to announce the Galleria Mall office for Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands.  It is located at One West Loop Plaza, 2425 West Loop South, Suite 200, for directions click this link.  

My desire to is to provide our clients who live in the Houston Metro area a convenient location which is easy to access.  If you wish to be seen at this location, please indicate that in your initial phone consultation.  

Additionally, if you are a Hypnotist practicing in this area or are someone in this area considering a new career as a Professional Hypnotist, please contact me to find out how to join our Group.

Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands was formed in 2011 to help "everyday people with everyday hurts, habits and hang-ups"using Hypnosis.

How Hypnosis Group compares to other methods of personal change 

Since we do not share any information with anyone you don't authorize ,our process is often more private than conventional "talk therapy" methods, which may share information with insurance companies, etc.  The average number of sessions is low (4) compared to other options you might consider which saves you time and money.  We do not prescribe medicine, diagnose or treat you for medical conditions, or perform therapy of any kind.  But we can work with your medical professionals, to help make your existing therapy more effective.  

You take control and then remain in control

Our work with you is oriented to changing behaviors that you specify, and helping you achieve what would like your life to be like after that change takes place.  You are always in control of what happens.  When we help you get your benefits we take you back to a place that you know and can understand.  For example you were born a non-smoker, we help you return to that identity.  When you were a child you enjoyed moving your body vigorously, if you desire to work out more, we help you return to that enjoyment.  You, I, and everyone else were born with a natural ability to sleep soundly, we can help you return to that natural state.

Our methods do not include "Metaphysical" beliefs or methods

All of our methods revolve around common sense words and information you can understand from your own everyday experiences.  Unlike "metaphysics" which The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as 'abstract philosophical studies : a study of what is outside objective experience.  On the contrary, your success with us does not involve believing in anything you cannot objectively experience.  The use of Hypnosis by people seeking beneficial change has been approved as a "Conventional" practice by The American Medical Association since 1958.  This endorsement does not include the use of Hypnosis as entertainment by Stage Hypnotists, I might add.

We don't do"talk therapy"

How we work with you is unlike  conventional "talk therapies".   Helping you get the change you seek does not require you to reveal intimate details regarding your life experiences or you having to be diagnosed with a permanent medical condition for us to get paid by an insurance company. Unlike Life-Coaching, rather than just talking about change it actually becomes possible.  Unlike a fitness trainer trying to talk you into coming to the gym, we help you decide it benefits you to be there, and you go on your own.

Let's get to know one another...

Can we discuss the positive change you are seeking?  Your first step is regaining control begins with a phone call.  The number to call is (281) 755-8081 to begin the process of receiving the change you have been thinking about for so long. 

New Location Hypnosis Group of The WoodlandsEveryday in every way people are changing for the better at Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Please call (281) 755-8081, our consultation is always free...