March 30, 2013 @ 12:03 PM

D. Mitchell Lovette, CH

Lose the Cigarettes, Weight, or Habit; Gain a New IdentityFreedom means fun!

The easy and simple to understand Non-Smoker programs we offer you at our Woodlands and Galleria locations, not only help you put down those cigarettes for good, but give you a new identity as a Non-Smoker, which has benefits.  Every smoker has attempted to quit smoking by simply denying themselves cigarettes, but the problem is that the identity as a Smoker remains.  If you were asked during one of these "breaks" from smoking the question, "are you a smoker", you would probably answer "yes".  Now-a-days that identity as a Smoker could cost you big money.

Health Care Costs Rise for Smokers

In the past two months,  many of our smoking or tobacco cessation clients, have reported one motivation for using our smoking/ tobacco cessation programs has been due to a $600-$1600 rise in costs for employer provided health insurance.  Some clients have reported that their organizations are going smoke-free.  Do you think that it's possible to be turned down for a job, or lose a job, because you are judged to not care about your health as a Smoker?  Sadly, I believe this could be true.  The same negative judgment, goes with excess weight.  Our programs help you to avoid using food as a substitute distracter in the place of cigarettes, helping you remain at your present healthy weight or even lose a few pounds.

Sounds Good, What's it Cost?

Not as much as you think.  Another good question would be, what does it cost to continue in the lifestyle that brought you to this website?  

Please call, so we can get you started in the program that suits you best.  The changes you want to make are not that far away.  Of course, our consultations are always free.


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