April 4, 2013 @ 3:04 PM

D. Mitchell Lovette, CH

When we work together to help you regain control of situations you have identified as causing you trouble, the first step is creating a sense of relaxation in your body.  There actually is a part of the mind that gives us awareness of our inner body sensations, such as the relaxed feeling you get after you hold your breath and then let it out.  This was the general subject of a book called "The Relaxation Response" by Herbert Benson, MD; who was, at the time of publishing, an Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard School of Medicine.

In that book Dr Benson showed the very real effect of using deep breathing to not only to create a sense of calm and ease in a person, but also to show how the body processes can respond spontaneously in a beneficial way.  This affect can be observed by actively measuring a person's blood pressure, heart-rate and respiration and seeing these parameters improve as they breath deeply and let their eyes close down.  

This inner awareness experienced is so profound, that if you allow yourself to be still and quiet you can even become aware of the sensation of your own heartbeat.  It is in a that focused state of mind that hypnosis resides.  "So you are saying that I don't need a Hypnotist to achieve this state of relaxed inner awareness?"  That is true; although a Hypnotist helps guide a person to this state, it is the person them self, that initiates the process and allows it to develop.  In essence all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  A Hypnotist makes sure you don't relax so much that you fall asleep and then delivers suggestions as part of a plan, which will help you get the benefits you desire.

Do positive changes to the bodies processes occur to the cells, organs, nerves, etc occur as the result of this state of inner relaxation?  Dr Benson says so, and I believe that to be true from my own professional experiences with clients.  In general I have found that we benefit as Humans from being relaxed; in mind and body, no matter what situation we encounter.  

If you wish to receive your own benefits while allowing yourself to relax;  take a moment, soften your gaze and watch the video above.  Imagine or think about some area of your life or health you would like to change.  Imagine yourself in the future without this problem and think about how you would benefit.  What do you stand to gain by giving up this pain, fear, habit or false identity? (i.e.. Smoker vs Non-Smoker?)  While you watch this video,  see a happy future free of whatever has been holding you back.  You may find you receive positive benefits just from taking the time to relax as the good Dr suggested.

If you wish to have personal assistance creating the change you desire, call (281) 755-8081 to speak to a Hypnotist.  Our consultations are always free.  You are worth it!