May 11, 2013 @ 8:24 AM

By D. Mitchell Lovette

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When I founded Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands, and most recently, Hypnosis Group of Houston, my purpose was two-fold.  First, to create a World Class Hypnosis Practice in The Woodlands, TX area, to help people quickly create changes which bring benefits to their lives.

The second purpose was to create a place for Professional Hypnotists be able to practice in a structured and professional environment.

We offer different training programs to suit your situation

Whether you wish to change careers and practice as a  full time Hypnotist or pursue a part time position, we will consider you and advise how to best make this happen.  We are associated with some of the finest schools which offer distance learning, supplemented with our internship program.  After your Certification as a Professional Hypnotist, you will be fully qualified to help your Clients in a variety of ways.

Your new Career starts with a phone callBegin a Career as a Hypnotist in Houston today!  Call 281.755.8081

Call today to speak with a Hypnotist and learn how to start this exciting new career.  Our  number is (281) 755-8081.