June 6, 2013 @ 5:51 PM

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH

Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands Helps (281) 755-8081Changed Thoughts = Changed Identity And Behavior

When working with people to help them lose weight as a Hypnotist, I first learn about how a person Identifies themselves.  Now it's true we all can easily say I am a boy or a girl.  After that things get a bit murky.

From our experiences after birth we begin to learn things.  Based on our response to situations, positive and negative we begin to form Identities.  Some of these identities benefit us, others distort who we really are or stand in the way of us enjoying the most successful life possible.  We often become what we think about the most.

From these identities we develop beliefs and habits which support who we are and from ...

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