September 5, 2013 @ 5:27 PM

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH

Un-Learning to Run Stop Signs Using Hypnosis

Is it just me or is it more normal for people to run stop signs than to stop.  I observe this behavior in front of my house all the time and when I made a quick search for videos, I found many on You-tube.   This is just one of them, which I believe is representative of many areas of America.

The Mind Enforces Behaviors You Create

If you were to clasp your hands together, you will notice that one thumb always ends up over the top of the other.  That is an example of a habit which really doesn't matter.  It comes with the identity, "I'm a left thumb over the right thumb kind of person" which doesn't really matter either.

Never-the-less the subconscious mind enforces the habit and identity, which was probably formed when we were babies laying in our crib.

Now change the arrangement of your hands to do it the opposite way.  Doesn't feel good huh?  That uncomfortable feeling in my body and/or thoughts is how our subconscious mind tells us we are not doing something right.

Our mind knows the difference between Identities, Beliefs, and Habits that matter and gives us varying levels of "bad feelings" based on that determination when we deviate from them.  

For instance, when we first learn to drive running a stop sign would cause great concern ("worry about what I'm doing right now"); and fear ("the feeling I get when I'm in danger or someone I care about is in danger"), even if it was done accidentally.

Learning to Run Stop Signs

I think we will all agree, no one is born "bad".  I can't imagine people standing around and admiring a baby while saying, "yep that's a "stop-sign runner" if I ever saw one.  If a child ends up running stop signs later in life it is probably because it observed that behavior in someone else that they held in high esteem.

During the initial phases of running stop signs they themselves would undergo "bad feelings" in the mind and body until they learned to ignore them.

How Habits Help Us

Our subconscious mind forms habits to help us get through our day more efficiently.  As a US Army Helicopter Instructor Pilot I knew that if a pilot formed the right habits in his initial training, he would be safe-guarded through-out his career.  "Doing the right thing" would be automatic without great thought required.  

I also observed first hand, over a 32 year, accident-free career, pilots who had, over time, developed ill formed habits and beliefs.  Despite professional instruction had learned to ignore "danger signals' and depended greatly on luck to get them through situations.  They are often seen as "Brave" or "Bold" by the world.  Like the stop sign video above, it wasn't pretty to watch.  The saying in the Flying World is there are "old pilots" and "bold pilots" but no "old-bold pilots".  I assume some are still flying.  May God help them and their innocent passengers.  

The video below speaks for itself.  I can assure you no commercial helicopter pilot is taught in training that intentionally scaring a mother with a baby, a child or an elderly person is "funny" or "ok".

Violating Habits That Matter Versus Habits That Don't

Violating a habit, once established, and ignoring the accompanying feeling doesn't matter much if the habit is not life threatening.  The opposite is true when ignoring those signals when there are life threatening consequences involved. Eventually as those "alarm signals" of the body and mind ("I'm willfully breaking the law")subside the bad habit becomes automatic.  When a stop sign is run willfully; in broad view of the world, the faith other drivers have about stop signs is affected.

 How Does Running Stop Signs Relate to Over-Eating or The Smoking Habit?

I believe our Creator gave us our senses of Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing and Sight to keep us safe as a primary function.  We have other senses as well such as balance or nausea when we ingest something harmful, that are more in the background of our awareness but have the same purpose.  

To smoke a cigarette often requires ignoring multiple warning signals, (ie.,"running stop signs"), the first time.  We also learn to ignore the feeling of fullness and eat out-side our "Hunger Signal".  People learn to ignore the alarms, as they gamble away money they don't have, to pursue a "dream of riches".  Helicopter Pilots make risky decisions which endanger passengers "to have fun", or "please the boss".

How to Use Hypnosis To "Reset Your Alarms"

When we work together, I simply help you return to the way you were created to be.  If it is to help you give up the poison and smoke which comes from cigarettes we simply return you to your true Identity as a Non-Smoker.  With that we reset the alarms of the body and mind which keep you safe from ingesting poison and inhaling smoke.   You receive in addition the Identity as "a person who cares about himself and others".

The same benefits occur when I work with you to lose weight and then maintain a "perfect weight".  We return you to the relationship you were meant to have with food which is to 'eat when hungry and stop when full, to provide energy for the body".  Everybody knows this is how a baby is programmed to eat from birth and requires no teaching.  Alarms which signal over-eating will be reset and followed to guide and maintain weight-loss.

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